“I am glad that you were there at the Punjabi lecture so that I could have a hands-on demo and be able to walk out with my ProLite head light. I must admit up front that in all of my 30+ years practicing dentistry I have never taken my time to give feedback on any dental product that I have purchased and used in the past. But I feel compelled to give my little testimonial due to the WOW that your ProLite has impressed me with! I have tried at least 4 other lights in the past including a surgeon’s light set-up as my surgeon brother uses in the hospital OR. No comparison! All of them lacked at least 2 of the fantastic little features that you pack on your ProLite.

In summary, your ProLite has all the creature comforts that I was looking for:

  1. 1. Quiet – no humming, clicking or other noises when I turn it on-off or change the settings.

  2. 2. Cool – No heat generated even when I have used it continuously for 2 hours.

  3. 3. Bright – even on the lowest of 3 settings it is a pleasure to use! I have used it on Medium most of the time. I showed it to my optometrist during my eye exam since I was concerned with the consequences of using such bright light. She approved it wholeheartedly due to the appropriate settings.

  4. 4. Quick Disconnect – Nice feature! Disconnecting up by my neck line is such a good idea since I can then leave the battery pack attached to my belt line all day long.

  5. 5. On-Off Clicker Button - WOW. Nice feature as well. So easy to turn on-off by simply touching with the elbow.


Including several glasses attachments and the orange filter are also very welcomed features. All in all, I am very happy with my ProLite. I have been the envy of my 3 associate dentists that have other lights. ORDER: I would like to order the additional light only so that I can attach it to my loops as well. If you call me I can give you all the card details. Thank you!”

- Al Navas, DDS